26. LEWIS SAUL: The Stained Glass Music Man (5:32)

Another track from WA. This was written for my best buddy, John G., who is a fantastic guitarist (he once played with Link Wray), as well as a terrific stained glass artist. John taught me how to do MIDI back in 1990. He moved away from Tucson years ago and I miss him terribly.

Oh yeah, he also did the cover art (above) for WA.

(1990/AWE) (Track 10 on CD)

The Stained Glass Music Man (5:32)


Anonymous said…
Oh how I love this one!
You're incredible dad. This whole CD blows my mind and is one of many examples of your amazing ability of writing and composing beautiful and astonishing music!!!

I love you daddy! A billion gillion ZILLION GOOGLE! :)