Monday, January 21, 2008

16. LEWIS SAUL: The History of Black Hocket

The lead sheet and three performances of my 1978 composition, BLACK HOCKET.

I wrote this in 1977. I was in a band -- ATMOSPHERE -- here in Tucson between 1977-78. Hocket, a derivative of the Latin "hiccup" is defined here. The "black" is the B section, meaning both dark and (hopefully) black, i.e. soulful...

This was recorded at a local studio in one take, very shortly after it was composed.

LEWIS SAUL, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Composer
BRIAN BROMBERG, Acoustic Bass (age 16)

Black Hocket (1977) (3:30)

Black Hocket (1990) (3:42)

This version is from 1990 -- one of my very first attempts at MIDI. The sound is pretty crappy, but I think my solos are pretty cool...

Black Hocket (2000) (3:49)

And finally, the version on WA...

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