Sunday, August 3, 2014

409. MLB

A few thoughts about yesterday's action, and baseball in general:


Two nights ago, The D-Back's incredible first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt, was hit on the hand by the Pirates' Ernesto Frieri -- a relief pitcher -- a closer, actually -- with an ERA of 10.13 in 10.2 innings.

Think about that. A relief pitcher who gives up a run per inning. He often comes into the game in mid-inning when runs scored by any base runner already on base are charged to the pitcher who just left the game, not Frieri! In other words, that one run per game means that he gave up that run all by himself. One run in each inning he has appeared.

Why didn't the Pirates just keep Grilli?

In any case, look at the film:

It should be obvious when you see that film that Frieri was not trying to hit Goldy. His lack of control is not a huge secret. And -- as the announcers point out -- look at Goldy as he leans in to prepare to hit the pitch. He probably could have avoided getting hit -- but in any case, this episode can in no way be seen as intentional.

Now check this out, from last night's game:

Before the game, both teams had been warned. (Goldschmidt had to go on the DL.)

Nevertheless, Mr. Randall Delgado -- perhaps not quite the nightmare that Frieri is (5.61 ERA in 51 innings) -- decided it was time to revenge Goldy's injured finger.

It was the 9th, 5-1 Bucs, having scored big in the eighth, breaking a 1-1 tie.

Delgado got an out before walking the hot Josh Harrison. The highly touted youngster Gregory Polanco doubled to center, so Delgado was faced with a tough one-out, men on 2nd & 3rd situation.

Andrew McCutchen walks to the plate. What might Mr. Delgado be thinking about?


Hey, you're not gonna give Cutch a pitch to hit, period. Why not just get a little wild on this next one?

He hit him right in the back with a 95 MPH fastball. Not too subtle.

I sure hope Cutch is okay.


Blake Parker (CHC) might not be around in the big leagues too long if he continues to serve up juicy curve balls to the likes of Hanley Ramirez.


Gee, do you think the A's made out last week? (Lester's first start.)


Hey, do you think the Tiger's made out pretty well last week, as well? Uh, first of all they scored a run in every inning; 1st time in 8 years that's happened. Porcello pitched another gem, as usual these days, he's only 13-5.

David Price -- at 11-8, 3.11 (not bad at all), an under-performing Verlander at 10-9; Max Scherzer quietly ripping the AL apart by his lonesome at 13-3 and even Anibal Sanchez is 7-5. That is one helluva staff.

Gotta get ready for the game in Phoenix. I sure hope it's not a hbp - fest.