Monday, July 27, 2009

184. LEWIS SAUL: Fantasia for String Orchestra (octet version) (2005) (5:43)

Fantasia for String Orchestra (octet version) (2005) (5:43)

A low-rez audio of eight fantastic musicians on the final day of the Atlantic Music Festival in Maine playing my Fantasia for String Orchestra. Although more than eight players are needed, they covered it well, and with just a few rehearsals nailed the darned thing.

Ari Streisfeld, violin I
Yo Yo Fan, violin I
Sheridan Seyfriend, violin II
Rachel Saul, violin III
Dan McCarthy, viola I
Evren Bilgenoglu, viola II
Jonah Kim, cello I
Dan Mumm, cello II

Thank you eight wonderful musicians -- and to the violin III lady -- I LOVE YOU, girl!