27. PATRICK GREEN (AQUARIUS): Triangle (4:22)

Another guy I met online and swapped CDs. This guy is really influenced by the '73 Zappa-era (think Dinah-Moe-Humm) -- but he does it so well!

I discovered quite a bit of distortion when I uploaded these tracks. But it's so good, try to ignore the unwelcome noise:

Triangle (4:22)

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That day in May, I was outa control
There was a pair o' tweezas drivin' at the seat of my soul
They had the tiny lightnin' flashin' all around my head
A New York minute we was grindin' up and down my bed, they said
Triangle, triangle, triangle
Huffin' and a-slidin' down le tour de moi
And with a camera to record our little valse-a-toi
They watched my greazy vezzelina twist in agony
On bulging geometric pillows made of EXTACY
Well things got really down and dirty when I grabbed the phone
Yeah, the pilot of this rendezvous began to moan
The drowning witch between the pillows gladly pulled the chain
And when the flight attendant finished, this is all she claimed she claimed
Triangle, triangle, triangle
Now the paratropers landed in a two by four
Yeah, my carpet was invaded they paraded my door
What they uncovered must've been a terriblizin' sight
Cause I was quickly hauled away on the "extendered" flight
Well I was pleadin' for help, but no one seemed to care
That burnin' jet was goin' down, my ass was stuck in there
They tied a plastic-coasted+bracelet to my grueling fate
That's when the cosmic ship arrived
But it was much too late
All along the shoulder line
Holdin' on to the breaking vine
I heard the curse, the devil's sign
So a word to the bland and mechanistic jerks
Who take whatever they can to make their body works
Well when your mind is the slave then maybe you should know
That you don't feed no microchip when he's about to blow
Triangle, triangle, triangle