14. LEWIS SAUL: #11 (5:55)

This is a rough mix of a track destined for my new CD. #xx is simply the temporary file name that I gave a draft when I'm working on new music. The title is the very last thing that I do.

This is a stony, mellow sort of thing...

#11 (5:55)


Anonymous said…
I saw your note on a.f.f-z.
I very much enjoyed this ambient piece.
I've bookmarked your blog page and look forward to checking it out some more later.
Lewis Saul said…
So you're not Lantz, right?

Are you the Bill from Singapore (I think?) ... did we correspond way back when when you were in Asia somewhere? I think we talked about Nancarrow and Varèse, but I can't remember if that's you!

But thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy some of the content.