6. Ben Reynolds & Company radio spot (1973) (1:06)

Between the summers of 1972 and 1973, I helped run my father's music store in Washington, PA, while he recuperated from a heart attack.

From home, he heartily approved of my idea to do a radio commercial for our stereo equipment. I picked out the Holst and wrote the script and had a blast working with the engineer, polishing the spot up. I was 20 years old.

BTW, the "Music Lover's System" (reg. $750, on sale for $599.50 -- 1973 dollars!) could easily run you several thou in today's equivalent gear. The Dual 1218 turntable w/Shure cartridge alone would cost you a pretty penny in today's nearly vinyl-less world...

There is still nothing like that analog sound you get from a pristine disc of quality vinyl, played through equipment like that!

STEREO, STEREO, STEREO, STEREO, stereo, stereo...

Ben Reynolds & Company radio spot (1973) (1:06)