37. Me and Dave

I had the honor of working for Dave Brubeck, copyingª the score to his first orchestral work, "Truth is Fallen" in 1970. He came to Tucson with Danny and Chris a few years ago and my wife snapped this with her cell phone.

ª Before FINALE, ENCORE and SIBELIUS existed (or for that matter COMPUTERS!) ... Higgins ink with a special pen and nib onto vellum (onion skin) score paper ... tiny black dots, one after the other, 10 hours a day for six weeks.


Rachel said…
I can truly appreciate how much work you must have done that summer; any time I have a composition project I always resort to Sibelius, since it's a huge time-saver.

I'm so very glad Mom took this on her cell phone! It's quite good quality for being just a silly cell phone picture.

Missing you!