20. LEWIS SAUL: Vertical Wipe (3:32)

Two more tracks from WA.

A "wipe" is a cinematic technique where an image is pushed off the screen (usually vertically or horizontally) and replaced by another.

Kurosawa's wipes were usually employed to indicate the passage of a certain amount of time, but he also used them to emphasize filmic movement [for example, in Sugata Sanshiro, when he is walking down the steps, leaving Sayo (vertical); or in Shichinin non samurai (Seven Samurai), when they are moving down from the waterfall to raid the bandits' camp (horizontal)]...

One of his greatest admirers, George Lucas, uses frequent wipes, especially in the three most recent Star Wars films.

So to me, a wipe is an exciting thing.

This one's vertical.

(1999/AWE) (Track 17 on CD)

Vertical Wipe (3:32)