18. AFFZ CD: THE DUKE OF PRUNES: Eliot Caged (6:04)

alt.fan.frank.zappa ("AFFZ") is a newsgroup dedicated to one of the great composers of our time.

I used to hang out there for hours on end, and made some great friends over the years.

In the late 90's, the newsgroups' wanna-be composers (including yours truly) put together a 2-CD set of our compositions.

Cal Schenkel, who did many of the greatest album covers for FZ (including We're Only In It For The Money), did the artwork for the CDs, as well as coordinating and producing the whole project.

I'll post a track every few days.

Today is THE DUKE OF PRUNES: Eliot Caged

I really like this piece. The voices become unique instrumental sounds, devoid of literary meaning, and the way THE DUKE pits them against each other results in a sweeping contrapuntal statement that is very nice!

Eliot Caged (6:04)