47. RON MOSES: Baby Cup (two edits -- 8:32/3:58)

I am posting my fourth RON MOSES track. (The other three are here and here.)

As I say, I think Ron is a magnificent songwriter (with a magnificent voice!) ...

Listen to the beautiful melodic leaps beginning at "I have never seen ... "

So, I happen to think this is a magnificent song.

However --

The producer in me cannot resist what I hear in my head.

Before the final verse, Ron spends a long time in purely instrumental mode. It is all very interesting -- well thought-out, beautifully recorded --

But I couldn't stop hearing my four-minute version.

So with Ron's permission, I give you Baby Cup in two versions. I made only a single edit (and it's a bit noticeable -- I did it quickly), cutting about four and a half minutes.

Tell us what you think!

Baby Cup (8:32)

Baby Cup (LS edit; 3:58)

Little bitty baby cup
Sitting on the coffee table
Such a tiny baby cup
Where did you come from?
I have never seen the like of the baby cup
I cannot believe my luck
How did I deserve you?

Little baby cup
Tiny shiny smiley face
Friendly little baby cup
What do they call you?
Would you like to be my personal baby cup?
We could see the world together

And I’ll fill you up with
Tea from China and beer from Germany
I’ll be your Hades if you’ll be my Persephone
We’ll buy a ticket on a big jet plane and fly

Sad little baby cup
Lying on the floor in pieces
Oh little baby cup
What has befallen you?
What a fickle fate to be suffered by the baby cup
Let me get the glue and I’ll make you good as new


Anonymous said…
I like it more than I thought I would, Lewis! :) It gives me a lot of ideas, actually. As we discussed via email, that middle section is very important to me (except the protracted piano section) so I was resistant to the idea of an edit, but I'm coming around. If I get my own together, I'll be sure to make it available to you!