Friday, February 22, 2008

132. FRANK ZAPPA: Mom & Dad

A detailed analysis of the above Frank Zappa composition.
Mom & Dad


The first two bars are DRASTICALLY different on the '85 version because of Arthur's very prominent sound including two very out-of-place glissandi. Just our opinion. The sound of his bass just doesn't blend with the rest of the mix. Other than the glissandi, he changes a note in Bar 4. Wonder why FZ felt that this was necessary?

Unless new miraculous technology "rescued" these lost bass parts, we are amazed that this was ever considered a problem. We understand Bob Stone, one of FZ's engineers, says that FZ simply "didn't like the performance." Hmm. We think Roy's part, simply judging by these first six transcribed bars, sounds just fine! We stand by our assertion that this was a rare FZ mistake!

Much better mix!

The brilliant Patrick Neve pointed out this recorder part in Bar 1 and elsewhere which is on the LP ONLY!

Chad is also intrusive in places. His tom flams after it's such a drag to have to love a plastic mom and dad
would be real fine for the 80's, but sound quite out of place here.
Now, here's a fantastic example of the vast difference in the two versions:
Mama mama your child was killed
Contains a beautiful electric piano or clavinet lick right after the first mama totally absent from the LP.

This chilling lyric is made much less effective by the "big room" sound of LP.

Many many other differences abound, including the segue. On the
Art's bass rings all the way through to the

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