Friday, February 22, 2008

127. FRANK ZAPPA: America Drinks And Goes Home

A detailed analysis of the above Frank Zappa composition, including notated musical examples.
America Drinks And Goes Home


Other Official Versions:

Mothermania (1969)

The difference between this and the earlier "America Drinks" is in the zaniness which occurs in the layers surrouding the actual tune!

This is a special request

Again, carefully orchestrated:

I tried to find

Salient And Subtle "Drinking" Points (in chronological appearance):

  1. Note how the vocal is panned from channel to channel
  2. Telephone/Cash Register
  3. Male voice: waiter? hey waitress! waitress, bring us some [Buds, please?] yeah, hurry up! allright
  4. After Ray says we'll get to that tomorrow night -- yeah you can hear someone say are you sure?
  5. Then someone yells out Caravan and Ray responds
  6. A female screams -- get down now!
  7. Someone shouts
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