Friday, February 22, 2008

148. FRANK ZAPPA: Cruising With Ruben & The Jets

A detailed analysis of the above work.
Cruising With Ruben & The Jets (1968)
Zappa Records Release #5
Rykodisc RCD 10505
LP: The Old Masters, Box 1 (Barking Pumpkin BPR-7777-3)

Original LP version: Greasy Love Songs

Although we seem to be a distinct minority, unlike the re-recording of the bass and drum tracks for , the new (bass and drum) additions in this release don't bother us as much as the ones in 
We're Only In It For The Money. In fact, the acoustic bass in "Cheap Thrills" (Jay Anderson) is gorgeous! Perfectly mixed, it does not stick out sort-thumb like, as does most of the Money material.

An amazing zigzag wanderer from the master of all possible styles! In this milieu -- perhaps the one which meant the most to FZ, nostalgia-wise -- the doo-wop of the 50's is transformed into something new in the same manner in which FZ reworked the traditional pop song in Freak Out!

It is fun and enjoyable music. If it seemed like a slight let-down after the astonishing We're Only In It For The Money, it is likely due to the unfamiliarity of doo-wop to many of FZ's fans at the time.

1. Cheap Thrills (2:37)
2. Love Of My Life (3:07)
3. How Could I Be Such A Fool (3:33)
4. Deseri (2:07)
5. I'm Not Satisfied (4:07)
6. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (2:23)
7. Anything (3:04)
8. Later That Night (2:58)
9. You Didn't Try To Call Me (3:57)
10. Fountain Of Love (3:22)
11. "No. No. No." (2:14)
12. Anyway The Wind Blows (3:01)
13. Stuff Up The Cracks (4:37)

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