Friday, February 22, 2008

122. FRANK ZAPPA: America Drinks

A detailed analysis of the above Frank Zappa composition.

America Drinks


Other Official Versions:

Mothermania (1969)

There's some serious cracking up going on between FZ and Ray (?) here! Frank can hardly get his second oh, no! out ... this easy-going "let's not take ourselves too seriously" leitmotif of CC still worked 21 years later with Frank and Ike Willis, who seemed to crack each other up quite often!

I tried to find

Two Cool Things To Notice Here:

See how FZ double-tracked the vocal AND delayed the second track; and

Note how the melody has "absolutely" nothing to do with the drum part!

Heart could be so blind-
(Wanna buy some pencils?)

Now that's funny! Even funnier was a lyric transcription we saw somewhere which had it as, "Wanna buy some 'Penzo'."

Just like the rest ... you came...

Listen REALLY carefully after Ray sings the word came -- a short pause and you can hear a very strange mmmm-type sound!

Just what it feels like

Sharp edit to a fast 4/4 -- sounds like circus music! Timpani, tambourine, clavinet(?), sax -- all jamming madly!

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