183. Star Trek XI

I loved it!
But I'm also pissed off at J.J. Abrams.

This is weird.


Remember Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager?

He doesn't exist. (Unless a highly unlikely event occurred and his parents were saved and are among the 10,000 or so Vulcan survivors!)

Not to mention Tuvix!

Jump ahead (backwards) to Admiral Soval in Star Trek: Enterprise. Likewise. Not to mention T'Pol!!!! Oh I miss her already! See what I mean, this is weird?

In fact, if statistical probability means anything at all in the "real world" of Star Trek, it is -- regrettably, perhaps -- highly unlikely that any Vulcan we meet (other than Spock and his father) exists in this 45-year-old established timeline!

The entire original Star Trek timeline has been obliterated with a gigantic FUCK YOU by Mr. Abrams to the "hard-core" ST fans! Do you suppose Abrams even knows who Ensign Vorik is (was)? Poor B'Elanna Torres! She'll never know what she missed! (will she punch someone else out since he won't be there?)

Questions, questions, questions...

I suppose we should wait till the next one to see how he handles this "reboot."

And seriously -- I did LOVE the movie, despite the consternation at throwing 45 years of Star Trek history out the window.

I guess we can borrow the phrase used in Galaxy Quest now --

Let's check out the HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS!