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The Complete Works of Frank Zappa -- an American Composer (1940-1993) (Part 10) [by Lewis Saul] 2006-2010 81.  The MOFO Project/Object (fazedooh) (2CD, Zappa Records ZR 20005, December 5, 2006) Freak Out! was having a 40th birthday party. Gail and Joe dug up every little bit of related morsels. Fazedooh is a teaser for the 4CD set ( #82 ), but typically -- so the completist would have to buy all 6CDs, this release has seven tracks unique to this release. Disc One reproduces the original album, and Disc Two is full of amazing little discoveries which will cause you to blink in astonishment. For completists, only? Probably, MOFO is, of course, The M aking O f F reak O ut! 82.  The MOFO Project/Object (4CD, Zappa Records ZR 20004, December 12, 2006) Disc One is #1 ; Disc Two is vocal overdubs and basic tracks (no vocals) -- for example, I Ain't Got No Heart (2:36); You Didn't Try To Call Me (3:00); and Hungry Freaks, Daddy (3:28); Disc Three consists of bits and pieces that

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